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A Challenge to Build | The Builder

I came across these words the other day and I find myself rolling them over again & again in my head.  That’s normally a signal flare for me to share.

I pray you will not see them as mere words but rather, as a call to action. 



The Builder

I saw a group of men in my hometown,
I saw a group of men tearing a building down.

With a heave and a ho and a might yell,
They swing a beam and the sidewalk fell.

And so I said to the foremen “Are these men skilled,”
The type you would hire if you wanted to build?

And he laughed and said “Why no indeed,”
He said “Common labor is all I need.”

For I can tear down in a day or two
What it took good builders ten years to do.

And I thought to myself as I walked away
Which of these roles was I going to be play?

Am I the type that constantly tears down
As I steal other’s hopes and dreams to the ground?

Or am I the type that’s going to build with care,
To create something strong that will stand through the years.

Let’s Keep Building!!!


Sleepless in Boston | My Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombings

I write these words with a heavy heart after having the events of yesterday sink in a bit.  Pray for Boston
A coward or group of cowards set up bombs to destroy innocent bystanders watching the Boston Marathon to push forward their silly political agenda.

Boston is my people.
I grew up in Massachusetts.
I can still pull out that old accent with ease, love Manhattan Clam Chowdah & crave those tight city streets more than anyone knows.

Yesterday, some punk sucker-punched my friends and I always have trouble sleeping on nights like this.

I figured I’d just share what gets me through in times like this.

Re-watch the video and count the number of people who, despite the risk to their own self, ran TOWARDS the chaos to help.

In times of tragedy keep your focus on the heroes!  Evil & cowardice is what makes brilliant acts of heroism possible.

My suggestion is to celebrate the heroes lavishly.

It is impossible to remove evil from this world no matter how many laws are passed or lifted or which political party you choose to align yourself with. Evil is.

Focus on the heroes.
Celebrate the heroes.
Be a hero!

My 1st ever 90 Day Challenge | September 27, 2010

This picture is what inspired me to take my 90 Day challenge.

For a long time I’ve been ministering the Gospel of the Lord Jesus to hurting teenagers.  Whether as a teacher or youth pastor it has long been my passion to do God’s Will wherever that leads me.Image  This summer it led me to the Mission field of Tecolostote, Nicaragua with my 2 teenage sons.

While God revealed, and is still revealing, much to me as a result of that trip one of the biggest convictions I had came long after we’d said our goodbyes and landed back in these United States.

When I opened up my facebook account one morning I was greeted with a new picture that had been posted onto my wall as a result of a friend tagging me in the photo.  In it, I saw just where I’d allowed this body to go.  Probably like you, I’m very deliberate about the photos that I allow the world to see.  Because I didn’t post the picture I couldn’t delete it so I was faced with a dilemma.  But why did it bother me so much? Here’s the truth…Conviction sucks but it won’t go away!!!

My Christian faith compels me to act when convicted.  When I choose to ignore it there are always compounding consequences.  1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says:

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body,”

I am convicted because while I honor God in most things…I’m deliberately choosing to not honor God in this 1 thing.  He wants…no he DEMANDS all of me!

My Goal for the 90 day challenge is to go from my current weight of 212 lbs to 175 lbs.  To achieve this I commit to adhering to hopefully 2 but definitely 1 shake a day.  Further, I will commit to exercising no less than 30 minutes per day.

If you have made it this far in my ramblings I ask you to do one thing: Pray RIGHT NOW for me and the 1000’s of people who are in the midst of their challenges.  It will not be easy…but honoring God is ALWAY’S worth it!!!