The Birth of a WordPress Blog…Pitocin Please

I don’t even know how to put my own image across the top of my blog.

I’m certain there’s a video in some, easy to find section.

I don’t know how to just look at my blog…without the bells & whistles…Like a reader would; assuming readers actually, one day, show up.

I’ve been told there are tips and tricks to getting seen on WordPress to acquire a massive following. Right now, I’m really just looking for a small table of friends to chat with.

I’m a grand total of 8 posts into WordPress Blogging and I have no rhyme or reason as of yet.

I distinctly remember being the new kid at school. The most awkward of moments occurred over salisbury steak & chocolate milk at lunchtime. Tray in hand I would begin my walk into the sea of empty seats that might not actually be empty.

I just wanted to belong.

I’d ask if the seat was taken and, given the right response be it verbal or body language I would sit. I learned an important skill towards being allowed into a group…Be interested.

My desire here on WordPress is not to get you to like me with my wit & good looks (Lord knows I’d need a more effective strategy.) I simply want to join the conversation.

For now, that’s what I’ll do…So don’t mind the awkward guy clicking on the ‘Freshly Pressed’ button and meandering through the many eclectic conversations happening in this lunchroom of words. It can be quite loud & awkward at times.

I’m just looking for folks who are saying something meaningful.

Thanks for letting me sit around your table for these few, brief minutes. Thanks for listening. I really do appreciate it.

-The New Kid



About challengeyourfamily

I'm just a family guy with an amazing wife & 6 kids. I love to observe, think & ask questions. I love writing, enjoy the process, crave the finished product but ALWAYS put it off. My wife & I work our business full-time with one another from home and help people experience physical & financial transformations. This Blog is designed to help me sort through life. I hope it's helpful to you, as well.

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  1. Welcome to WordPress. I hope you find your time here rewarding. Enjoy oyourself and keep writing.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment & encourage.

  3. Starting is the hardest part!! Don’t get overwhelmed by all there is to know. Just keep writing and sharing your heart and message. Congrats on overcoming the first fear of putting yourself out there!!

    • Thanks, Tammy! I’ve gotten a bit of traction here in the last few weeks. The best advice I could ever give to anyone starting like me is to spend less time trying to be INTERESTING & more time being INTERESTED in others. I really appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  4. My first reply. Wow,that was easy. Welcome.

  5. Hi, I’m just about three weeks into it myself so I’m new to this too. Everyone I’ve been in contact with has been really friendly. I’ve just been clicking here and there and putting in some searches to see what I like.
    I’ll follow along too.x

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