How to NOT Make Money With Your Blog

I just reached a milestone of 20 followers.

I got a notification about it and everything!Image

But something’s not quite right…I have this overwhelming concern I’m being followed by the shadows of people.  Like a dog at the dinner table, they’re just interested in 1 thing.

You see, when I click on the link to meet my new friend their WordPress theme wreaks of ‘Cash for Blogging’.   I want to reciprocate the follow but am having a hard time because their content is so singularly focused on cashing in. In my opinion many are missing the best part of Network Marketing…Networking.

I don’t really know a lot about ‘Team AWOL’ or Empower Network promoters other than that they apparently adore my content.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of entrepreneurship and am a HUGE advocate for Network Marketing.  I just can’t help but feel a bit manipulated by the whole tactic of using likes & comments as bait.

It’s entirely possible that I’m totally off base here.  I’d love to get YOUR thoughts on this & to find out whether you are experiencing the same thing.

If you are seasoned at earning an income with your blog what are your suggestions to help these folks out.  I’m new to blogging and would really love your seasoned insight.


About challengeyourfamily

I'm just a family guy with an amazing wife & 6 kids. I love to observe, think & ask questions. I love writing, enjoy the process, crave the finished product but ALWAYS put it off. My wife & I work our business full-time with one another from home and help people experience physical & financial transformations. This Blog is designed to help me sort through life. I hope it's helpful to you, as well.

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  1. You build your blog like you build anything. One post at a time. I don’t have the answers that you want…. but I have the answers that you need. If you’re going to do anything worth a damn in the world, you have to recognize that it doesn’t happen overnight. (90 Days, right?) So, embrace your followers -shadows or not, because they are teaching you something. Embrace the real ones too, because they will share your story – when the time is right. When you’ve built your tribe, when they trust you and know what you think, and when they discover that you think like them (or they think like you – whichever you prefer.)

    When you want to have real readers who care about you, then we can build a legitimate blogging community. I want you to succeed and I know you feel the same. Let’s start there and see what happens.

    • Woohoo! My first legitimate comment!!!! I’m such a newbie 🙂 Thanks for the insight.
      I try not to look down upon others who have different motives than my own for bloggin (we’ve all gottem’). I’ll put your advice into action & appreciate it immensely.

  2. I am thankful for any and all followers that I get, but it’s the comments that I sometimes think smell pretty fishy. I’ve deleted some, but if the comment is relevant to the post, written coherently, and not blatantly spam, I’ll respond to it and let it live on the blog.

    I’d rather leave a few trolls unchecked than block and offend a real person who has taken the time to not only read my posts but comment on them as well.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share, Denny. I’m so new to all of this I’m actually more curious than disturbed. I didn’t quite now how to respond. I’m thinking there are instances of fake profiles that troll through looking for folks to cash out on but I’m not sure. I think I’ll go ahead and return the follow and find out what they’re about. Thanks again for your insight!

  3. I agree. You will find your followers as I will mine. In fact, you inspired me to start blogging on my own!!! It is a great outlet and more than anything, an awesome diary/journal to leave as a legacy for our kids! Don’t think they won’t access these in years to come! If I get followers, awesome and if I don’t, oh well 🙂 I am just enjoying the outlet!!!

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