What a Cool Invention: Never Wet!

ImageI don’t do product reviews & I don’t make a dime if you buy this stuff but, Never Wet, is really amazing!
The video of it in action is one of those that you see and instantly want to show your friends.

I must stay that I’m really impressed with this new product that became available this week by Rustoleum.  It’s a spray that comes in a can that makes the surface of things actually repel water.

Don’t settle for my words, you owe it to yourself to see how cool this really is!  Scroll to the middle to see them spray an iPhone with Never Wet and submerge it in water!

I saw it available for $20 bucks on the Home Depot website.  Go out & get some and be sure to let me know what creative purposes YOU discover for it.

I’m curious if it keeps eyeglasses from smudging??


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  1. You got me addicted, Rob! That made my evening after a long day of work.

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