Christians and Ambition: The Struggle

Audacious: Bold; Daring; Marked by originality & verve

I don’t think I struggle with fear near as much as I do laziness.  I came to this realization about myself this morning so the weight of it is still sinking in.

There is an advantage to hiding behind fear…people excuse you because they can relate and now you have something in common to talk about.  Giving fear too much credit however, is a slippery slope.  The problem, of course, is that when you blame Fear for your lack, you’ve just given it tremendous power.

This morning I dropped my fears to the side and wrote down some Audacious goals in my journal.  I mean just downright silly stuff!  It was fun and freeing.

As a Christian I’ve always struggled with Ambition & Success.  For most of my life I lived in financial poverty as a teacher and youth pastor. I watched as God came through, time and again, when I was in a pit.  Over the years, this created the unhealthy pattern of a poverty mindset.  You see, when everyone in the church knows you’re broke you become a magnet for handouts.  It’s so cool to have groceries magically appear at the door or for someone to slip you cash just because God led them to.  For me, however, these blessings created a pattern of poverty & here’s what I mean.

I found myself getting lazy and lacking ambition.  I’d serve my ministry & family role but not much else.  I began to anticipate favor as the pit approached.  I was all Faith & no works.

The Pit & The Peak

God has promised to redeem you from the pit (Psalm 103:4)

He has also created us just, “…a little lower than than the angels;” (Psalm 8:5)

I think many in the church today are wading in the shallows of mediocrity because they’re afraid to attempt Audacious things and I’m simply NOT signing up for that class anymore!

As a Christ follower my goal is to honor the Lord Jesus with my life & make His name famous.  My Audacious goals must align with that mission alone.

There are two options to position yourself for a blessing.  These options, while polar opposites, attract the provision of a loving father.

1. God will save you from the pit if you get there through circumstance or laziness and call on him in true repentance in the 11th hour. I know because I did this for years.

2. God also provides for that resilient & Audacious dreamer who just needs a bit more on the way to the PEAK…that beautifully silly ambition He has placed in your heart!

My advice…always be sure to keep your Audacious Goals somewhere between the tension of these 2 verses.

“To aspire to leadership is an honorable ambition.” 1 Timothy 3:1

“Should you then seek great things for yourself?  Seek them not.” Jeremiah 45:5

Lord make me an audacious man. I rebuke the traps of laziness & fear that have shackled me for so long.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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I'm just a family guy with an amazing wife & 6 kids. I love to observe, think & ask questions. I love writing, enjoy the process, crave the finished product but ALWAYS put it off. My wife & I work our business full-time with one another from home and help people experience physical & financial transformations. This Blog is designed to help me sort through life. I hope it's helpful to you, as well.

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  1. I love the part about making conversation. It is so easy to make conversation about negative aspects of life but not if you are audacious. My glass isn’t half full; it’s overflowing!

  2. This is epic:

    “I think many in the church today are wading in the shallows of mediocrity because they’re afraid to attempt Audacious things and I’m simply NOT signing up for that class anymore!”

    Say it again, Pastor! [waves handkerchief.]

  3. Great post. While I would say that I am ambitious, I struggled for years with if that was ok, but I have come to a place where I believe that it is because my motive is pure.

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey in serving Him.

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