An Audacious Plan to End Childhood Obesity, One Family at a Time

#Start Now

#Start Now

A few months ago I began developing an intentional plan to eradicate childhood obesity. As a member of Jon Acuff’s first ever, Start Experiment, I was asked to identify a risk. I almost played it safe but I was feeling froggy that particular day and decided to just do away with the #1 health crisis in the world today, obesity.

This is the point where I could lay out a bunch of data on why this is such a problem but, if you’re really curious, I encourage you to do a bit of research both online and by simply walking around in public. I’m not talking about a vanity crisis, I talking about a Health Epidemic!

3 main factors led me to identify this as the risk I wanted to tackle:

– I grew up in a time when my television was filled with graphic images of swollen-bellied children who were starving. I learned recently that there are now more obese people on the planet than starving. Both break my heart but one of those is efficiently claiming my friends lives even as I type this.

– I learned that my county, (Polk County, Florida) is ranked 7th in the nation for childhood obesity. As a former youth pastor & 15 year veteran of the school system I am compelled to serve children.

– Over the last 3 years, I have saturated my entire life with the cause of fighting obesity as a promoter of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. I lost a bunch of weight through lifestyle choices rather than ‘a diet’ and currently lead a very large team of ‘Obesity Assassins’ who are trained, equipped & passionate about this cause as well. In fact, the Project 10 program actually donates a bag of ViShape Mix to a child struggling with obesity!

I found myself with a responsibility to START something!

I spent my first 24 day Start Experiment developing a 90 Day plan that families could implement to not only get healthier but also educate & inspire them to develop sustainable, healthy habits.

The Team:

I recruited a holistic health coach, Jill Smith, and a personal trainer who makes house calls named Denny Krahe. Together, we agreed to intentionally work with a family who was open to making a healthy change for their family.

My responsibility is to provide free Visalus products, motivation & challenge support all throughout their 90 Day journey. As a Challenge Mentor I monitor the family’s progress and encourage them throughout this very difficult but VERY worthwhile journey.

The responsibility of the health coach is to educate them about basic nutritional information starting with their own cupboards and refrigerator. Jill checks in with them on a bi-weekly basis and is available for consultation as necessary.

The job of the personal trainer is to meet the family where they are physically but to be sure they’re not still there in 90 days. Denny comes up with very simple yet effective physical activities that a family can participate in together.

A Personal Approach to World Change

The goal of this 90 Day Family Challenge is NOT perfection. I have completed 9 challenges over the last 3 years and have found that sustainable transformation is the result of making more healthy lifestyle choices over a 90 day period than poor choices.

For this most recent 24 day start experiment we have come together and sponsored our first family for the Challenge! This beautiful family is ready, able and willing to make some changes to their lifestyle. This husband & wife duo are the foster parents to 4 young children. 2 of the sister, though very young, are already struggling with obesity issues. As a team, it is our desire to help them create healthy habits that they can carry with them no matter where their ‘forever home’ ends up being.

While this is only 1 family I can totally see the bigger picture in the future. I have a dream of an army of passionate ‘Obesity Assassins’ making a difference 1 ‘starfish’ at a time.

What I Want My Children to Say About Me:

I have a conversation etched into my mind that I want my children to say about me 30, 40 or 50 years from now that goes something like this:

“What did your parents do?”, a friend asks.

“My daddy & mommy got together with a bunch of other passionate people and they put an end to the #1 health epidemic in the world! You probably have never heard of it but it was called Obesity.”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

Challenge Links:

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Lose 10 pounds and help a child struggling with obesity for 1 month


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I'm just a family guy with an amazing wife & 6 kids. I love to observe, think & ask questions. I love writing, enjoy the process, crave the finished product but ALWAYS put it off. My wife & I work our business full-time with one another from home and help people experience physical & financial transformations. This Blog is designed to help me sort through life. I hope it's helpful to you, as well.

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  1. I love it when leaders make their intentions known to the world. This declaration inspiring, Rob. Keep rocking, sir!

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