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Finding Pleasure in Another’s Pain- Why I Don’t Watch the News

Image Do you know every detail about the Paula Deen, ‘N-Word Gate’, scandal?  Can you already untangle every knot of the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation?  Have you already stuck your  George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin flag in the sand despite the fact that the jury hasn’t even seen all the evidence yet? Are you so wrapped up in a hometown scandal  that it has become the commanding topic amid the coffee shops & water coolers of your life? Did you just get upset because you think I’m calling you out? Read on.

I’m all for being informed. I realize the importance of creating a healthy dialogue when a current event exposes a deeper issue. My concern is that many people are more concerned with being loud  and right than being informed & kind.

I think people crave bad news because it distracts them from the monotony of their own daily life.  It is, for some, a soothing salve that numbs.

I am a lover of ideas & if there’s one thing I learned from Jim Rohn it is this.

Good ideas flow out of thankfulness & gratitude but cynisism locks all the doors.  If you want to be miserable become a practiced cynic.

The problem with focusing on negative news is that it becomes a vacuum that leaves folks more cynical than they were before. True, life ain’t all sunshine & rainbows, but its not all violence, murder & racism either.

If you are guilty as charged when it comes to the amount of time & passion you are investing into the tragedies of others, then here is today’s Challenge for you:

Consciously make an attempt to focus on negatives only in an effort to form a solution…not to sensationalize them.  If you are passionate about a specific topic that is at the center of ‘Scandal Dujour’ then, by all means, channel that passion towards a solution.  Bantering back & forth to see who can get the most likes on a comment thread may not exactly be the answer.  John Mayer talks about the triviality of our angry rants in his song, ‘Belief’:

“Is there anyone who
Ever remembers changing there mind from
The paint on a sign?
Is there anyone who really recalls
Ever breaking rank at all
For something someone yelled real loud one time”

Next week, after all the newspapers & magazines have been sold, after all the blogs have been visited & monetized, and as the scandal specific #hashtags are fading from Twitter & Facebook a brand new Outrage will arise.  I promise.  If you’re already wrapped up in one of these spectacles then go ahead and keep watch over it if you wish.  I’ve shared an idea with you and now it is a seed inside your head.  You can ignore it, be cynical of it or apply it to your life in some way.  It’s YOUR life, I’d recommend you focus on it.