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That September Day

Image12 Years ago today I was proctoring a standardized test to 6th graders at Mulberry Middle School when I heard about the 1st tower being hit via an email. I turned on the TV & rolled it toward me and away from the testing students just in time to see the 2nd plane hit. Hot tears steamed as I was forced to silently weep for the lives I knew ended the moment the 2nd tower dropped before my eyes what seemed like a lifetime later. A concerned student, seeing my tears, broke the mandated silence and asked, “What’s happening Mr. B?” I’ll never forget my answer: “If you are a Christian, pray.” I’LL NEVER FORGET!

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The 4th of July in America

ImageI find it refreshing that we do not celebrate our Independence Day with a show of guns & aggression in America.

We do not form parades that culminate at the center of a city for a brash display of military might to proclaim the power of a specific leader. 

I was in Nicaragua a few years back and saw a caravan of buses heading to Managua to celebrate their version of Independence Day.  The tone was aggressive & smelled a lot like a political rally.  That’s how most countries actually celebrate themselves if they celebrate at all.  There’s something different about America.

-The 4th of July is about picnics and poolsides.  While young children toss a baseball in the backyard their parents laugh & recant those old, familiar stories they shared last year.

-It is about crowded beaches and the tell-tale hue of too-pink skin as the sun descends into the horizon and the kids lay open-mouthed asleep in the back seat after a very long day.

-July 4th is about a day of rest, family & aversion to the responsibilities of our day-to-day.


Independence day in America does not serve as a militaristic reminder of power & authority but, rather, it bears the real fruit of authentic Freedom…