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When God Gives You a Puppy: Thoughts on God’s Extravagant Provision


A Friendship Begins 🙂

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way Kylie’s scream sounded as it echoed into the house the day our puppy, Max, was hit by that car.  That was the toughest of days for my family.

-Taking Max to the vet for x-rays and the subsequent bad news

-Gripping my little girls hand tight as she said her last goodbyes to her puppy

-Praising God in the storm…outside that animal hospital; resting in the truth that God inhabits the praises of His people and knowing that we SO needed to feel Him right then.

-Walking my little girl back into that same animal hospital 2 days later as she thanked the doctors that tried to save Max’s life

Life is Hard. God is Good.  But sometimes…God just SHOWS OFF!!!!

A few weeks after the tragedy we spent a good amount of time looking for a new dog.  Read the rest of this entry

A Most Dangerous Facebook Post

Be careful what you post on Facebook.  I realize on the surface you are dismissing that first sentence as obvious but I encourage you to look at it from a different angle for a few minutes. 

Words are powerful.  They have the power to bring both Life & Death.  God used words to bring about His creation in Genesis & his son used words to give up His life as a ransom for many, “It is finished.”

Last week, I underestimated the power of words. In a brief moment of availability and obedience I posted the following to my Facebook wall:

 “If you are struggling or hurting right now, would like someone to chat with & are available to go grab some lunch please send me a direct message. I don’t know who this status update is intended for but I’m confident that God will sort it out.”

 What has happened since that moment in time can only be described as ridiculous.  Turns out, when you obediently offer to wrap your life into the midst of others, ministry is bound to occur.

 What’s particularly intriguing is that most of the event of these last 9 Days were not a ‘direct’ result of that request but, rather, orchestrated by God himself.  I did enjoy a fabulous lunch & very intentional conversation with a group of 3 young people as a result of that specific post but it seems, when you rub the magic lamp of ministry, much more happens.

 The very same day I posted that I lost a good friend in a motorcycle accident.  He was a fiery & passionate young man I knew from my years in youth ministry.  How sad, I thought as I began to mourn. Then, I got the call. They wanted me to do his funeral.  WHAT?!? I’m retired from that……

 While my mind was wrapping itself around the death of T.J. I learned that another young man, Alex, from my days as both a teacher and a youth pastor had been killed in a motorcycle wreck.

 His funeral was yesterday. I could almost hear the hearts breaking as clenched fists & teeth fought death with the light of the promises of Christ.  There is MUCH ministry to do.

 This has been a rough week. 

 T.J.’s funeral was actually one of the most powerful ministry moments I’ve ever had the blessing of being involved in.  To stand before that room of grief & hopelessness and inject life & eternity into them was what I was made to do.  The words flowed & the spirit led.  Just how I like it.

 My angst now arises from my desire to do God’s Will.  While I feel like He is guiding me towards full-time ministry I can’t be certain.  Sometimes, I wish there was a script I could follow.


I believe this journey is set to take a turn.

I’m as ready as I’m gonna’ get!