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Christians and Ambition: The Struggle

Audacious: Bold; Daring; Marked by originality & verve

I don’t think I struggle with fear near as much as I do laziness.  I came to this realization about myself this morning so the weight of it is still sinking in.

There is an advantage to hiding behind fear…people excuse you because they can relate and now you have something in common to talk about.  Giving fear too much credit however, is a slippery slope.  The problem, of course, is that when you blame Fear for your lack, you’ve just given it tremendous power.

This morning I dropped my fears to the side and wrote down some Audacious goals in my journal.  I mean just downright silly stuff!  It was fun and freeing.

As a Christian I’ve always struggled with Ambition & Success.  Read the rest of this entry


The Art of Moving Forward When Discouraged: A Lesson in Farming


Identify what today’s Win looks like and then accomplish that. Move Forward towards your goal but let tomorrow worry about itself.

We all have a desire to reap a massive harvest. We are bombarded by abundance and feel we are simply not keeping up when we see yet another person presumably ‘winning’. If you often find yourself discouraged then these words are for you.

Success in anything requires preparation. The difficult part about this truth is that we are bombarded on social media with proclamations of either harvest or discouragement.  It seems very few people take the time to proclaim that they pretty much just got bloodied, muddied & beat up in the field today but are ok.  There’s not much poetry in preparing a harvest of any kind unless you have the wisdom to purposely look for it.

Consider this:  Imagine the farmer who walks in the door, throws off his hat, slumps down in his chair and proclaims his day was a waste.  “All I did was plow, plant & pluck weeds ALL day!”, he exclaims.

Even the person with the most minimal of farming knowledge would be able to offer this fellow some comfort.  I could picture myself getting him a glass of cold water, putting my hand on his shoulder, looking in his eyes and saying, “I know you’re tired. You’ve worked hard today and deserve some rest.  Don’t worry, the harvest is coming.”

And that’s what I want you to know.  YOUR harvest is coming.

-Just like a farmer must plow stubborn earth that has been packed down by a combination of time and complacency, so, too, we must deal with a world that is resistant to change.

-As a farmer must deal with the painful jolt in his hands when the plow hits a stone, so we must deal with the obstacles in our business that we run into which we never even saw coming. Our plow might get a bit damaged but will you quit or move forward?

-A farmer plants seed & we must continue to do the same if we expect to see the harvest.

-A farmer cultivates his field with purpose.  He waters, feeds & protects his crop from weeds. As leaders we owe it to ourselves & the harvest to do the same.

None of this is pretty but it is essential to acquiring the harvest.

Above all, leader, I encourage you to look upon your field with Thankfulness & Hope.  Negativity is a poison to Faith and locks the doors of blessing.  Don’t just think positive thoughts…Stand firm with the absolute conviction that YOU WILL WIN!!!

Stay the course, my friend, YOUR harvest is coming.

A Challenge to Build | The Builder

I came across these words the other day and I find myself rolling them over again & again in my head.  That’s normally a signal flare for me to share.

I pray you will not see them as mere words but rather, as a call to action. 



The Builder

I saw a group of men in my hometown,
I saw a group of men tearing a building down.

With a heave and a ho and a might yell,
They swing a beam and the sidewalk fell.

And so I said to the foremen “Are these men skilled,”
The type you would hire if you wanted to build?

And he laughed and said “Why no indeed,”
He said “Common labor is all I need.”

For I can tear down in a day or two
What it took good builders ten years to do.

And I thought to myself as I walked away
Which of these roles was I going to be play?

Am I the type that constantly tears down
As I steal other’s hopes and dreams to the ground?

Or am I the type that’s going to build with care,
To create something strong that will stand through the years.

Let’s Keep Building!!!