How I Met Your Mother – Blended Family Edition

To My Bride on Mother’s Day,

Our story isn’t the traditional type.  Fact is, if your 9 year son had been diligent about completing his work & didn’t daydream constantly we may never have met!  The first time I looked into those ocean blue eyes of yours during that parent/teacher conference 15 years ago I knew you were someone I wanted to know a bit more.  Actually, it’s something that happened in those first few weeks that I want to share with you as Mother’s Day arrives.  Something I never told you.

Our love story has never been the textbook type anyway so I’m certain you won’t mind my transparency now.

When we first met I admired the mother you were to those 3 boys.  As I got to know you for the first time across that tiny table in that 3rd grade classroom at Sikes Elementary on February 14th, 1997 I marveled at the mommy you were to your 3 sons. Your tenderness and care for them was captivating.  You were their champion; newly-divorced, young and determined to raise Godly young men, and I fell in love with that woman then and there!

We now have 6 children in our quiver and only a bit of sanity left but I needed to make this confession to you after all these years: The truth is, I dreamed of you becoming the mother of my children before I ever really got to the know the amazing woman you are.

Before our awkward, first date…

Before that scandalous 1st kiss before school that all the old-biddy school maids gossiped about…

Before we ever 2-stepped or West Coast Swinged (Swung?) on all those dance floors…

I longed & hoped for the day when my children would call you, ‘Mommy!’

I know I could never say it enough but, thank you for being such a Proverbs 31 Wife & Mother to us all.

Your beauty is Timeless… Your work ethic is endless … You are CAPTIVATING!!!




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